Bailey's Fry Inn - Fish & Chips to take-away or eat in

Restaurant Menu

X-Large Cod & Chips8.50
Cod & Chips7.00
Rock (Huss) & Chips7.00
Plaice & Chips7.00
Haddock & Chips7.00
Skate & Chips8.50
Scampi & Chips6.20
Roe & Chips4.00
Chicken & Chips5.50
Any Pukka & Chips5.00
Hot Dog & Chips4.50
Chicken Nuggets(12) & Chips5.80
Burger & Chips6.50
Cheese Burger & Chips6.70
¼ Cheese Burger & Chips£5.00
Veggie Burger & Chips5.00
Chicken Burger & Chips5.00
Large Sausage & Chips4.00
Saveloy & Chips4.00

Children's Menu

Cod, Chips & Beans4.50
Small Sausage, Chips & Beans4.50
Cod Bites, Chips & Beans4.50
Fish cake, Chips & Beans4.50
Chicken Nuggets(6) & Chips4.50

Meal Deals - Restaurant

Adult Meal Deals

Cod, Chips plus bottle of soft drink (500ml)7.75
Any Pukka Pie, Chips & Beans plus bottle drink (500ml)6.50

Children's Meal Deals

Sausage, Chips & Beans plus Capri Sun (330ml)4.50
Small Cod & Chips plus Capri Sun (330ml)5.50


Tea (Cup)1.10
Tea (Mug)1.30
Coffee (Cup)1.20
Coffee (Mug)1.30
Orange Squash1.00
Mineral Water1.00
Milkshake (Banana/Strawberry/Chocolate)1.00
Can of soft drink1.00
Bottle of soft drink1.20
Slush Puppy1.20

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